SleepPhones Wireless - grey

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The simple, comfortable way to fall asleep without medication, to block out background noise, or simply to drift off to your favourite sounds. Bluetooth®-enabled wireless headphones concealed in a soft, comfortable, fleece headband. 

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SleepPhones® Wireless are the simple, comfortable way to drift off to sleep while listening to music or audio. Streamlined Bluetooth®-enabled wireless headphones are concealed in a soft, comfortable, fleece headband, so you don't have to worry about bulky components or wires getting tangled in your bedclothes. SleepPhones are ideal if you need help to fall asleep without medication, want to block out background noise, or simply want to relieve stress and drift off to your favourite sounds.


  • Simple: no components or wires, just a soft, comfortable headband containing high-quality wireless headphones.
  • Soothing: listen to relaxation music, audiobooks, rock music, radio, or any other sounds you enjoy.
  • Comfortable: patented headband design for a soft, superior fit all night long.
  • Bluetooth® enabled: to listen to music or audio on your wireless SleepPhones, you must have a Bluetooth® music player, such as a smart phone (including the iPhone®) or computer, no more than 5-10 metres away.
  • Practical: built-in volume control and play/pause controls, a charging time of 2 hours, and a battery life of 8-12 hours. 
Advice / Videos

SleepPhones headbands are machine washable. It is important to wash your headband from time to time to prevent the headband from stretching and eliminate oils that may build up and weaken the fabric. Remove the speakers through the velcro opening located in the back of the headband before washing. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry medium. Do not iron, bleach, or dry clean. Avoid fabric softener which reduces wicking. Insert the speakers when the band is dry. The right speaker is red and the left speaker is green. The white side should be against your ears. Insert speakers about 10 cm and insert the gray square before closing the velcro and adjusting to fit. 

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