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The S+ by ResMed is the smarter way to help you sleep. It’s the world's first, non-contact, sleep tracking system that helps you improve your sleep from the very first night. Simple to use, the S+ by ResMed monitors your breathing, movement and room conditions then syncs with your smartphone to provide you with tailored feedback and suggestions on how to get better sleep. 

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The S+ by ResMed was 2-million sleeps in the making  and is the world's first non-contact, sleep tracking system that helps you analyze and improve your sleep from the very first night. In fact, below-average sleepers have found they can get an extra 45-minutes sleep per night after the first week of using the S+ by ResMed. 

The S+ by ResMed monitors your breathing and body movement and the light, noise and temperature conditions in your room then syncs with your smartphone, tablet and other devices to provide you with tailored feedback and suggestions on how to improve your sleep.

The S+ by ResMed detects movement of your upper body while you sleep and the expansion and relaxation of your chest as you breathe in and out, as well as your overall body movements such as positional changes, arm twitches and shrugs. It includes software algorithms that recognize the combination of respiration and body-movement signals, so that your overall sleep state can be reliably assessed. For example, if you’re moving continuously, you’re less likely to be asleep; conversely, if you’re in deep sleep, there will be relatively little movement and your breathing will be much more regular.

The key features and benefits of the S+ by ResMed include:

Understanding your sleep. The S+ by ResMed tells you what's influencing your sleep patterns, and helps you improve them.

Identify your sleep issues. By giving personalized, daily feedback, the S+ by ResMed helps you understand your sleep issues so you can fix them.

Relaxing you to sleep. The S+ by ResMed synchronizes soothing sounds to your pre-sleep breathing, helping you drift off more easily.

Getting your room right for sleep. The S+ by ResMed will help you create your ideal sleep environment by telling you how light, noise and temperature levels are affecting your sleep.

Helping clear your mind. With simple text and voice tools for recording tomorrow's to-do list, the S+ by ResMed helps you go to sleep with a calm, uncluttered mind.

Waking you gently. Being awoken from a light sleep rather than a deep sleep leaves you feeling more refreshed. Choose a time window that suits you and the S+ by ResMed Smart Alarm will do just that.

List of compatible phones, tablets and operating systems

Apple® smart phones 

All smartphones using iOS 8 and iOS 9, Apple Watch OS2

Apple® Tablets

Fully compatible with iPad Mini™ and iPod touch® (5th generation) and the USB power supply unit provided with S+ can also be used to charge these devices.

Function on iPad® 2, 3, or 4 and on iPad Air™, but you must use your own tablet power supply unit and cable to charge any of these devices.

Apple®  operating   system                     iOS 8 and iOS 9 and Apple Watch OS2
Android™ smart phones

All smartphones using operating systems: 4.4 (KitKat), 5.0–5.1.1 (Lollypop), 6.0–6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

Android™ operating systemsranging from 4.4.2 (KitKat) to 6.0 (Marsh-Mallow)

In the box

S+ Pod; S+ Frame; Power supply unit; 59" USB cable; User manual; Quick start guide

Power & Battery

Certified AC-DC adaptor with 2 USB outlets. One is to power your pod using the USB power cabled supplied. The secondUSB outlet allows you to plug in your smartphone or tablet for charging.


Bluetooth® wireless connection to smartphone or tablet

Advice / Videos

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