Eezyflow® Sleep Collar

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With more open airways, snoring will be reduced. Eezyflow is a physiologically shaped sleep collar designed for social snorers which is soft and springy, presure relieving and adjustable in height. The sleep collar helps to keep your head slightly tilted back, jaw slightly advanced and mouth closed: a sleeping position similar to the recovery position.

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With more open airways, snoring will be reduced. The product is soft and springy, pressure relieving and adjustable in height. Eezyflow promotes more open airways by holding the head slightly tilted back, the jaw slightly advanced and the mouth closed. The product can also be used in combination with other anti-snoring products, such as anti-snoring mouth splint and/or nasal dilator. Eezyflow can be used while sleeping in a lying or sitting position. The product also functions excellently as a travel collar.


  • Innovative: Unique, Swedish patented innovation. CE-marked medical device
  • Comfortable: The collar consists of soft memory foam (a material that recovers its original shape). The material is soft, pressure relieving and moulds itself in response to body heat.
  • Snoring: The muscles of the body relax during sleep. In the throat, there is a lot of soft tissue and when the muscles relax, the airways are affected. The walls of the throat relax, the tongue sinks backwards and the soft part of the palate becomes limp. If there is sufficient narrowing of the airways, the tissues begin to vibrate resulting in snoring. The vibrations may occur high up in the nose, in the soft palate or behind the tongue, but usually it is a combination of these.


If you think you have sleep apnoea, please discuss this with your doctor or call us free on 0800 917 7071.

Technical details

Manufacturer Anti-Snore Partner Sweden AB
Colour Sleep collar white
Length 520mm
Width 120mm
Material Cover 100% organic cotton in colours white/blue
Included in Package Sleep collar, blue cover, white cover, storage pouch, instructions for use

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