Simple Travel Kit - red

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The simple travel kit has two essential elements for the best comfort when you travel. It includes the Ostrich Pillow and a travel blanket. You can choose either a grey or red blanket.
Buying them together in this bundle you save 10% compared to buying them separately. Enjoy more sleep when you travel!

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This bundle has two parts to help you sleep when you travel:
  • Ostrich Pillow Light: An eye-catchingly original but practical pillow for people on the move. Portable, comfortable, adjustable and versatile, it can be worn as a neck support, an over-sized sleep mask, or simply used as a pillow. Click here for more details
  • Travel Blanket - red: A thick, luxury-weight fleece blanket for travelling, picnics or simply snuggling up at home. This large, cosy blanket is made in Britain and is the perfect travelling companion wherever you go. It is availble also in grey choosing the option above. Click here for more details

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