HumidX - 3 pack

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HumidX Waterless Humidification for AirMini system - 3 pack

All the benefits of humidification without the hassle of changing water everyday, HumidX takes portable humidification to a whole new level*.

HumidX is suitable for normal/average conditions of medium to high humidity, and medium to high temperatures.

Compatible with AirMini device used with AirFit™ N20 Nasal mask or AirFit™ P10 for AirMini Nasal pillows mask.

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 • HumidX - 1 pack
 • HumidX - 6 pack

And for drier conditions, try HumidX Plus.

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Exclusive to AirMini, HumidX are small heat and moisture exchangers (HME) that are designed to provide comfortable and effective humidification.


How HumidX works

HumidX is a waterless humidifier that’s designed to provide you with more comfort by retaining the moisture and heat in the air you breathe, and offering relief from possible dryness and congestion. When you exhale, heat and moisture is captured and stored within the HME’s tiny paper ridges. When you inhale, this heat and moisture is released to humidify the air you breathe in.

HumidX can be inserted directly between the mask connector and the vent, providing effective waterless humidification at a compact, effective and comfortable level. 

Please be advised each HumidX lasts for 30 days once it has been opened out of its packaging.

HumidX Plus is also available for use in extra dry conditions, including aircraft cabins.

HumidX is part of the following set-up kits:
N20 AirMini Set-up Kit
P10 for AirMini Set-up Kit

*Available only on AirFit N20 Nasal mask and AirFit P10 for AirMini Nasal Pillows mask 

Advice / Videos


Find out more about ActiveAir benefits and the HumidX (and HumidX Plus) technology :


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