Mirage Quattro™

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Sophisticated design, high performance and a personalised fit. This comfortable, user-friendly mask provides effective therapy and a great night's sleep.


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The ResMed Mirage Quattro combines sophisticated design, high performance and a personalised fit in a comfortable, user-friendly package. Enjoy effective therapy and a great night's sleep.



  • Comfortable: proven Mirage dual-wall cushion with Spring Air technology is soft on your skin and adapts as you move in your sleep, so you can enjoy a more restful night.
  • Easy to adjust: with our unique MicroFit™ dial and a choice of 24 forehead support positions, the perfect fit is at your fingertips.
  • Easy to use: set-it-and-forget-it headgear is convenient and hassle-free – choose your optimal settings then enjoy the same great fit every time you slip on your mask.
  • Sizing options. Four sizes (large, medium, small and extra-small) cover a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Ask your doctor about using the ResMed Mirage Quattro to treat your sleep apnoea. If you think you might have sleep apnoea but haven't been diagnosed, discuss your concerns with your doctor or contact one of our clinics at 0800 9177071. 

Technical details

Manufacturer ResMed
Type Full Face Mask
Size Extra Small
Free of Latex/PVC/DEHP/Phthalate true
Pressure 4-40cm H2O
Included in Package ResMed Mirage Quattro mask system (incl. header, cushion, frame system) and user guide
Advice / Videos

We want you to benefit from the best treatment. Please see below for expert hints and tips on looking after your equipment and living well.


Mirage Quattro video

  • A comfortable fit. The Mirage Quattro “How to fit” video provides advice on getting your mask to fit properly. The user guide below also provides information on mask fitting. 
  • Cleaning. The Mirage Quattro “How to clean” video tells you how to keep your mask fresh and clean. If you don't have time to watch the video, see our advice section below.  



  • User guide: download the user guide pdf for detailed information about your Mirage Quattro. 
  • Cleaning: you should clean your mask every day as bacteria, perspiration, facial oils and other dirt can build up quickly. This is especially important because CPAP masks are exposed to lots of warmth and humidity. For detailed instructions on cleaning, please see the user guide above or the instruction booklet that's delivered with your mask. We recommend ResMed's special cleaning spray for CPAP masks or CPAP mask cleaning wipes.
  • Replacing your mask: masks are like any other accessory you use regularly – eventually it wears out and needs to be replaced. Consult our mask replacement FAQs for advice on replacing your mask and its individual components. 
  • Choice: unsure which mask will be best for your individual therapeutic requirements? Consult our mask choice FAQs for advice and recommendations. 
  • Insider tip for a perfect fit: pull the headgear straps just tight enough for a cushion of air to build up within the thin outer membrane. This also helps to avoid leakage, prevents the cushion from slipping, and reduces pressure on the bridge of the nose and upper lip.

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