s9 Autoset Travel Kit (DC-DC Convertor) - Standard


This comprehensive travel kit combines everything that you need to make travelling with your S9 device a more convenient and comfortable experience. The speciallly designed bedside holder is ideal for creating a handy platform for your device whilst you are away. The DC/DC converter will give you a multitude of power options and the mask accessories are perfect for protecting your equipment and cleaning it on the move.

When bought together in this bundle there is a 15% discount (compared to buying each item separately).

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The S9 AutoSet Travel Kit includes the following products combining everything you need to travel:

CPAP Mask drawstring bag-blue: To store your mask more easily. The package is also available to select with a pink bag. Click here for more details.

ResMed Mask Spray 100ml: A thorough and hygienic solution for cleaning CPAP masks and other silicone and plastic CPAP accessories, such as air tubing. Convenient 100ml travel size. Click here for more details.

Slimline Tubing Brush: This slimline tube brush is designed to gently scrub and clean the inside of our SlimLine and ClimateLine 2 metre tubings. Its bristles are uniquely designed to effectively remove any dirt or dust particles which can gather inside CPAP tubing. It is 150cm (5 feet) in length with one end covered in soft nylon bristles and the other with a small wire loop, enabling you to gently feed the brush through your CPAP tubing then remove it with ease, and re-insert the other end allowing the full length of tubing to be cleaned. Click here for more details.

Bedside Holder: A clever, convenient solution to keep your therapy device close at hand. Strong, lightweight and quick to set up, the Bedside CPAP Table slides between your mattress and the bed frame to create a handy platform for your device, whether you're at home or away. Click here for more details.

Resmed DC/ DC Converter for S9: Operate S9 ™series devices using 12V or 24V DC power sources. The ideal solution if you need to connect your therapy device, heated humidifier and heated tube on a car, truck, caravan, boat or other vehicle equipped with a suitable power source. Click here for more details.

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