CPAP Tubing Brush –150cm (5ft)

Ref 7071975
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The Tube Brush is designed to gently scrub and clean the inside of a standard 2 metre or 3 metre CPAP tubing*. Its bristles are uniquely designed to effectively remove any dirt or dust particles which can gather inside a CPAP tubing. It is 150cm (5 feet) in length with one end covered in soft nylon bristles and the other with a small wire loop, enabling you to gently feed the brush through your CPAP tubing then remove it with ease, and re-insert the other end allowing the full length of tubing to be cleaned.

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*Please note the CPAP Tube Brush is designed solely for cleaning standard 22mm CPAP tubing. It is therefore not recommended for use with our H5i/AirSense 10 ClimateLine or SlimLine Tubings.

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